Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rooted in design

I was excited when I saw this book and couldn't wait too get it. I'm not the best at keeping indoor plants alive, so I was looking forward to new ideas and care for indoor plants. I figured, even if the arrangement looks like something I might kill, I can at least copy the design and buy nice faux versions to recreate. While there are definitely some really fun and inventive ideas for creating interesting arrangements, there are not as many as I'd hoped. Honestly, most of the ideas look more 70's /old lady /hippie house.... I appreciate the few modern designs the book offers and still think it will make a fun coffee table book, but unfortunately, it was slightly disappointing. I do love the colors and simple modern design of the book. I also think its worth noting (in my opinion), the photos aren't up to par. There are a handful that I love, but most seem fuzzy and lackluster. I really expected the photography to wow in this type of book.... I would have given it one more star if they had.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to get dressed

I expected more of small coffee table book when I ordered this something more casual and entertaining, but instead I found that it to be more practical and informational. At first all the information seemed overwhelming, but after thumbing through it a second time, I realized that the author has the categories broken up and very well organized. You can easily skip the parts you don't feel apply to you and go straight to the sections where you need most help. (I already know the sections I plan to keep bookmarked for reminders.....especially the care sections and stain removal). It's like having a fashion & clothing 'field guide' to go to for reference! I'm actually kind of glad this book is not what I expected. This book offers everyday advise, things that you don't read every time you open a fashion magazine. The tricks she's learned over the years, along with short stories as to how she discovered each one, are very helpful and amusing. With the simple, vintage inspired design of this book, I will happily let it decorate my living space. I think this will be a book that my guests find themselves flipping through for bits of helpful advise while they wait for me to pour the next glass of wine.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

John Shaw's guide to digital nature photography

I was very excited to receive this book.... but when it came, I was instantly disappointed. I love photography and the outdoors, so it seemed like this book was made for me. I was looking forward to the images John had captured and in learning any new tricks I may not have considered in the past. Unfortunately, the photographs are very lack luster. They all seem to be void of contrast and sharpness. It almost looks like the shadows were removed in the editing process. The subject matter is gorgeous and he delivers on composition, but all the photos seem to be missing something. As far as content, there are some helpful tips, but overall, its way too wordy and very subjective. I can't imagine anyone remembering half of that info while trying to capture the perfect moment in a quick and ever changing environment. Also, as someone who prefers Canon (because I believe it almost always delivers a sharper/cleaner image than most other brands), I wish I'd known the photographer used Nikon exclusively, it would have dictated my decision in ordering this book.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Capture the moment

I LOVE this book! As a photog myself, I see the struggle to take photos of everyday moments. It seems more second nature to set up all the shots and make everything a planned photo shoot…. everything else is an iPhone photo. I have recently started leaving my ‘real’ camera in an easy access spot to encourage myself to take more spontaneous photos of my family. This book has just added fuel to the fire! Every photograph in this book is frame worthy and the type of memory that every parent/grandparent/aunt&uncle/friend… etc, lives for! This has given me even more inspiration to capture the everyday. I can’t wait to give this book out as gifts. What a pretty book to have sitting on a coffee table while also giving people inspiration to snap away...even if it seems mundane.