Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rooted in design

I was excited when I saw this book and couldn't wait too get it. I'm not the best at keeping indoor plants alive, so I was looking forward to new ideas and care for indoor plants. I figured, even if the arrangement looks like something I might kill, I can at least copy the design and buy nice faux versions to recreate. While there are definitely some really fun and inventive ideas for creating interesting arrangements, there are not as many as I'd hoped. Honestly, most of the ideas look more 70's /old lady /hippie house.... I appreciate the few modern designs the book offers and still think it will make a fun coffee table book, but unfortunately, it was slightly disappointing. I do love the colors and simple modern design of the book. I also think its worth noting (in my opinion), the photos aren't up to par. There are a handful that I love, but most seem fuzzy and lackluster. I really expected the photography to wow in this type of book.... I would have given it one more star if they had.

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