Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How to get dressed

I expected more of small coffee table book when I ordered this something more casual and entertaining, but instead I found that it to be more practical and informational. At first all the information seemed overwhelming, but after thumbing through it a second time, I realized that the author has the categories broken up and very well organized. You can easily skip the parts you don't feel apply to you and go straight to the sections where you need most help. (I already know the sections I plan to keep bookmarked for reminders.....especially the care sections and stain removal). It's like having a fashion & clothing 'field guide' to go to for reference! I'm actually kind of glad this book is not what I expected. This book offers everyday advise, things that you don't read every time you open a fashion magazine. The tricks she's learned over the years, along with short stories as to how she discovered each one, are very helpful and amusing. With the simple, vintage inspired design of this book, I will happily let it decorate my living space. I think this will be a book that my guests find themselves flipping through for bits of helpful advise while they wait for me to pour the next glass of wine.

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